How to diff XML

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SBT + magic = PDF

xmldiff 0.6

The output was no good

There was a memory leak in the C code

My C coding skills are rusty

It was hard to maintain

And some infinite loop somewhere

And it was really hard to improve the matching

xmldiff (again!)

Almost entirely incompatible


Better results

Easier to use as a library

Supports writing formatters!

How do you diff?





Longest Common Subsequence

Old: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

New: 1 2 9 4 6 5 7 7

LCS: 1 2 4 6 7


Delete 3
Insert 9 at position 3
Delete 5
Insert 5 at position 6
Delete 8
Insert 7 at position 8


Matching XML

<para section="3">
    <b>3. </b>Lorem ipsum have some gypsum

A new version

<para section="4">
    <b>4. </b>Lorem ipsum have some gypsum

No match!

<para section="4">
    <b>4. </b>Lorem ipsum have some gypsum


<para section="3">
    <b>3. </b>Lorem ipsum have some gypsum


"section:3 Lorem ipsum have some gypsum"

Matching procedure: LCS?

Fast, bad matching

Compare all nodes to all nodes

Nightmarishly slow

Single-iteration best match

Good enough!

XML edit actions

DeleteNode, InsertNode, RenameNode, MoveNode

DeleteAttrib, InsertAttrib, RenameAttrib, UpdateAttrib

UpdateTextIn, UpdateTextAfter


Making the edit script

Walk the "new" tree, node by node.

If it has a match, look for differences.

If there is no match, insert it!

Delete all nodes from the old tree with no match.

Generate output

[update-attribute, /para[1], section, "4"]
[update-text, /para/b[1], "4. "]

End Result

<para section="4" class="modified">
    <b><span class="delete">3</span>
       <span class="insert">4</span>. </b>
    Lorem ipsum have some gypsum

XML Output

<para section="4" diff:update-attr="section:3">
       <diff:insert>4</diff:insert>. </b>
    Lorem ipsum have some gypsum

XSLT gotcha

<app:term name="expenses" set="advisor"
  <app:option name="bear_own">

  <app:option name="reimburse">
    select="sbx:getFieldTitle($content-expr)" />
<asection name="expenses" allowCustom="True"
    diff:rename="app:term" diff:delete-attr="set">
  <whatever diff:delete="" diff:insert="" />
  <app:option name="bear_own" diff:delete="">

  <blahblah diff:delete="" diff:insert="" />
  <app:option name="reimburse" diff:delete="">

Formatted text


<p>This is formatted text</p>


<p>This <b>is</b> formatted <i>text</i></p>

Unicode stubs

<p>This \ue000is\ue001 text that can have \ue002formatting\ue003</p>

Unicode stubs

<p>This <b diff:insert="">text</b> that can have
<i diff:insert="">formatting</i></p>

Soooo slooow

Stop looking when you find perfection

Use faster algorithms from difflib

Implement the LCS "fast-match" algorithm


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

xmldiff 0.6: 8 seconds

xmldiff 2.0: 100 seconds

xmldiff 2.1: 5 seconds

With faster ratio-mode: 2 seconds

With fast-match: 1.5 seconds

How can YOU use it?

>>> from xmldiff import main
>>> main.diff_files(
...     "../tests/test_data/insert-node.left.html",
...     "../tests/test_data/insert-node.right.html")
[UpdateTextIn(node='/body/div[1]', text=None),
 InsertNode(target='/body/div[1]', tag='p', position=0),
 UpdateTextIn(node='/body/div/p[1]', text='Simple text')]

XML Output

>>> from xmldiff import formatting
>>> formatter = formatting.XMLFormatter(
...     text_tags=['p'], formatting_tags=['i', 'b'])
>>> main.diff_files(
...     "../tests/test_data/insert-node.left.html",
...     "../tests/test_data/insert-node.right.html",
...                       formatter=formatter)
<body xmlns:diff="">
  <div id="id">
    <p diff:insert="">Simple text</p>


We ain't stopping now!